The Holy Spirit has led me to write these stories for the children He so loves.

I pray they will be enjoyed by all God's children and those who share them.   

~ Dr. Rick


Easter Kitty the second book in the children’s collection by Dr. Rick, is an enchanting story of three little kitties who learn a valuable lesson in nurturing God’s word with patience and kindness.  




In the wee hours of Easter morning, Easter Kitty uses the light from the stars above to lay her colorful eggs in baskets on a nearby path. With lots of baskets to fill, she must work fast! She becomes disappointed when she finds wobbly, ill-crafted baskets along the pathway. Will the kitties be able to help? 



You won’t want to miss the journey of these faithful Bible Kitties 



Easter Kitty will make a wonderful addition to every child’s Easter basket!  


Easter Kitty Bulk Orders ~ Special Pricing

Easter comes early this year — March 31st! 

Wish everyone on your list a Happy Easter with a card from the hand-illustrated pages of EASTER KITTY. And watch the little one’s eyes light up when you slip a card into their Easter baskets! (See if they can locate the picture in their new book, too.) 

Cards are printed on quality 5 x 7 cardstock (envelope included) and blank allowing ample space to write your special Easter message to loved ones near and far.  

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Next in the series of Stories of Faith in Make Believe and The Truth, the kitties go on a faithful journey of long ago as the miracles of Jesus are revealed. You won’t want to miss this one! 

Each book features activities, allowing families a wonderful opportunity to discuss the stories further.  

You'll want to follow these adorable BIBLE KITTIES as they witness the times of long ago and uncover The Truth along their journeys. Each is written for young children who are just beginning to learn the stories of the Bible. 




KITTY KLAWS is the first in a series of children's books by Dr. Rick. It is a delightful story about Axel Duke, a faithful kitty, who tries to convince his best friend, Paul, to have faith and believe in the love and joy of the holidays. 

Axel Duke loves Catmas and can't understand why Paul doesn't believe in Catmas or Kitty Klaws until one faithful Catmas Night when Paul receives the most special gift of all!  

A portion of the proceeds to benefit Young Life.


"What a charming story 

in teaching children the importance of having faith and believing."

                                                                              ~ Robert Ford, MD

Christmas will be here before you know it! 

And what teacher, grandparent, or neighbor wouldn’t love to receive one of these adorable Christmas cards? These scenes are from the hand-illustrated pages of KITTY KLAWS — and chosen just for you! 

Each is printed on quality 5 x 7 cardstock (envelope included) and blank allowing ample space for you and your family to write special holiday wishes to loved ones near and far. 


KITTY KLAWS Christmas Cards